Thursday, January 29, 2009

Follow up, trying to identify the congressman that raised his hand to object, but was interrupted by our beloved Pelosi

Hi Orly,could You forward this to the person who searches for the man that raised his hand for objection. 1.) I am going through all the pictures of this site or google the name when there is no picture. Here. 2.)I have looked at the clip and had the strong feeling this man is either Indian, Latino or light skinned Black. I have then looked especially for Indian or Latino names, since this takes so long.Just for fun I clicked on "Al Green" I wanted to see if it is the musician.This guy looks just like the man that raised his hand. Black beard, glasses, tall etc. Could You get there to see that this person is actually black? Or am I blind?He really looks like our man. Here. regardless I will keep on looking through the list,Sincerely,Petra