Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who was the man that tried to object on 01.29.09.

I received several e-mails that one man raised his hand and Chaney tried to check if there are objections, at which time Pelosi interrupted, started clapping and de facto prevented Congressmen and Senators from making any objections. Please check on the video, who this man is. Is it John Linder of GA? We need to talk to him.
Orly, I have watched this video over and over, hoping that what I was wrong. Unfortunately, the evidence is there, loud and clear. Pelosi interrupted Cheney and the process whereby, the objections would have been solicited. Cheney did not go back and ask for objections. There was definitely a man in the audience that had raised his hand and was not part of the crowd clapping for the glorious news. I have retained these videos and have looked at them frame by frame to make sure I'm not mistaken. I am not. The required procedures were not followed. Jerry Piecemaker