Thursday, January 29, 2009

another question to ask Mr. Pritzker

From what I recall Mr. Pritzker was a graduate of North-Western school of law and is very influential and a big benefactor there. Was he the one that used his connections and pulled the strings to get Bernadine Dorhn a position to teach at North Western school of law and be in charge of youth outreach program even though she is not licensed with the IL bar and has a conviction for domestic terrorism? It may be a pure coincidence of course.
Just to connect the dots: Pritzker and his sister Penny are amongst the biggest supporters of BO. BO sat on the Annenberg challenge board for 6 years with Ayers; and Michelle worked in the same firm where Ayers's wife (or common law wife) Bernadine Dorhn worked. Dorhn and Ayers were leaders of Weather underground and were involved in masterminding the bombing of police headquarters, Pentagon and Capitol. I remember reading a famous speech given by Bernadine Dorhn after Charles Manson groupies murdered Sharon Tate, that was 8 month pregnant. Dorhn was telling her followers to dig it and take example from these people, in how they murdered those people and later sat down to eat dinner and stuck a fork in Tate's belly. Never in my life have I seen such a depraved, sick disregard for human life, particularly coming from a woman. I wonder if the parents of the students in that program were told who she is, if they ever signed a consent, allowing her to be anywhere near their children. I, personally, as a parent, wouldn't want her anywhere near my kids. Same goes for the programs run by Ayers. Do the parents know who he is, what is his past? If you are a parent of a child in any of the programs ran by these people, please contact me.