Saturday, January 31, 2009

False rumors

Two days ago at a National conference call, after I hang up to do other things, as I was told, Phil Berg stated to some 50 people on the call that Alan Keyes no longer works with me. This is not true and as a matter of fact I recently got an e-mail from Dr.Keyes, stating that he was inspired by my determination and passion for the Constitution of this country and he will start a blog of his own and asked to link to my blog. I have recently sent over 20 subpoenas to numerous governmental agencies to gather information in regards to Alan Keyes legal action and I have filed a petition for a writ of Mandamus in Federal Court in the Central district of CA. You can verify the dockets in both Ca Superior Court in Sacramento and in the Federal District court in Central California.
In re. to other matters.
Judge Carnes in TX has granted a pro hac vice, allowing me to represent Jody Brockhausen in TX.
If you look at the docket of the Supreme Court of the US, you will see that it states the Application for the stay was filed pending filing of the writ of Certiorari, and I have stated that I will file that writ.
Aside from 4 cases mentioned above, I have about 50 consent forms from the servicemen, however I wasn't rushing to file, as I wanted to see a response from Obama's lead attorney Robert Bauer, whom I personally call Der. Gebbels machine, I wanted to see his motion to dismiss Phil Berg's (Hollister) and Mario Apuzzo's (Kerchner) cases, I wanted to see the arguments. A definition of insanity, is when you are doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. No sense of filling exactly the same case. I hope that those cases are not dismissed, but what Bauer is saying among other things, is that the plaintiffs are retired military and therefor a chance of them being called to active duty pursuant Obama's orders is highly hypothetical, and in order to show standing, you need to show an actual controversy. A judge cannot give an advisory opinion for hypothetical situations. Due to the above, I am reworking my military case. I feel it is better to take a bit more time and be better prepared, then go with guns blazing and be shot out of the court.
Now, it is possible to be shot out of the court with any case, if the whole system is corrupt and if nobody in the government is doing his job or if the government is there to subdue us for some New World order and take away our civil rights instead of upholding them. Due to that reason, I am planning the Defend Our Freedoms Convention in Dallas TX, so we can all unite and form resistance to Obama fraud machine. You saw the post from Lynn, saying that it is not easy to get hotel accommodations for a large group of people, so please respond to her ASAP. We need a tentative response, so we'll know how many people are coming.
It is also important, that all of you schedule appointments with your Senators and Representatives and US attorney's offices and provide information about this massive fraud. All the links are on the Defend our Freedoms page. Ask if those officials would like to attend the Convention. Keep in mind, elected officials are more at ease to act, if they see resistance from the citizens and if they see an active investigation by the FBI.
Lastly, a comment in regards to Nanci Pelosi's jet, that costs us, the taxpayers reported 5 mln a year in gasoline and maintenance. Her response was, that it is needed for her security and smaller jet was taking too much time for refueling and stops. I think, she should've given the real reason, that her broom is out of commission and she needed a new mode of transportation...
Have a good weekend :-)