Monday, January 26, 2009

Open letter to Chief Justice Roberts from LtCol Earl Graef

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Memorandum and Open Letter

From: LtCol. David A. Earl-Graef

To: Chief Justice John G. Roberts

Date: 26 Jan 2006


I can not express in words the disappointment I feel regarding the recent actions of the Court to deny those of us in the military important answers to questions regarding our Constitutional duty as clearly stated in our Oath of Office. While these actions are not an injury such as one might sustain on the field of battle, they constitute an egregious injury to the faith I have placed in the court. While I can not say that of its nature the injury is mortal, it is not without morbidity! While I can not say that I shall succumb to it, the actions of the Court have deeply wounded the spirit of this American Soldier. I am left brokenhearted and conflicted in this moment to the point of tears.

I had earlier written to you and asked that you consider the Oath of Office that I took and every American Soldier takes and asked that you honor and respect its sacred vows in your actions. I ask you now in your heart; have you done this? Have you placed aside the political concerns of this decision? Have you given honor to the fighting men and women who, in the face of death, carry the standard of freedom? Have you given honor to the fallen Soldiers who have no voice; those who are now across the river of eternity and whose bodies lay entombed across the river from where you sit, in the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery? Have you given honor to the Soldiers whose names are not inscribed on any piece of stone or mortar or recorded on any parchment or paper; the names American Soldiers that are known only to God?

Make no mistake, I am keenly aware of the burden placed upon you and do not in any way envy your responsibility or the responsibility of the court in this situation. The dire consequences facing our Nation in either circumstance around your decision are no less and perhaps more than has ever fallen before us as a Nation in our entire history.

Although in my darkest moments, when shadows of doubt encircle me, I remain steadfast to my Oath. Although I can not suppress a feeling of betrayal, I can not knowingly betray my country. I again plea to the Court to release me from this yoke of uncertainty that is weighing me down. Renew my faith in Justice and give me the direction I need to continue to serve. Above all I pray that you not let those Soldiers who have paid and are yet to pay the ultimate sacrifice defending the Constitution to have done so in vain.


LtCol David Earl-Graef USAFR MC