Sunday, January 25, 2009

From reader Carol

We the People have what the tyrants and usurpers want....our money buying their products which they can use to control us.

If we identify the money flow and companies related to the people who are criminally destroying our Constitution, we can have great influence.

For example, some people behind Obama:
Oprah.........stop buying any products related to Oprah's empire
Pelosi...........multimillionaire from Starkist Tuna

Media control
General Electric has manipulated media, what products are they involved in?
Fox News controlled by shares owned by Saudi Arabia

If we had a detailed product list that was tied to supporting Obama, we could make an impact where it would hurt.

What auto companies supported Obama?

If somebody could organize us into pro-Constitution shopping behaviors, we could vote with our pocketbooks.

Gas/oil companies.

I noticed in some stock I owned (not much) that ING, a huge megabillionare company out of Holland stock value dropped 80%.

Procter and Gamble, of Cincinnati Ohio, dropped 7%.

It looks prettyobvious that ING was either an inside job, to affect the world market, or was targeted by some entity, trying to dismantle its power. I do not know world economics enough to know the cause, but I do know there is a big difference between 7% and 80%, and there is pretty obvious financial war going on.

I hope that somehow we can learn which products are in Oprah's empire and the Soros financial empire, and take away their control with a boycott of their products.

God bless America,