Monday, January 26, 2009

Attorney General

I got this question in an e-mail (see below). I would agree that Vice President Cheney should've asked for objections and each congressmen should've objected, but I believe that strategically we are better off concentrating on one effort- exposing BO, as what he is, an usurper, and removing him out of the White House. With that in mind, I think that strategically you should concentrate on demanding that Att. Generals of each state investigate BO and fraud committed by him. You should schedule personal appointments, bring documents. For your convenience the necessary documents are posted on the page of Defend our Freedoms, on the right side. You can download the links and forward the documents to the attorney generals. Keep record of you visits, forward this record to me, I will post it, so we will have them all accountable. Let's hope and pray that we will find at least one attorney general that is not corrupt. wrote:

Thank you, again.

Can the Attorneys General also be asked to investigate this situation?

After the electoral vote count/certification by Congress, the presiding person (V.P. Cheney, according to one source I just read) is by law required to ask for any objections. If one Senator and one Representative place an objection to the winner of the vote count, Congress must investigate the legitimacy of the reasons behind the objection (in this case, the eligibility of the candidate to hold the office of pesidency.). This same source stated that no one objected because V.P. Cheney did not call for or allow any objections.

If that is the case, then the Congressional confirmation of Mr. O is invalidated by ANOTHER reason. Plus, Mr. Cheney broke the law.

Can we ask the Attorney Generals to also investigate this possible miscarriage of justice against the American people? We need to find out if ANYONE did or would have objected but was illegally prevented from doing so, or if their objections were ignored.

These leaders have too long gotten away with breaking our laws with no consequences. The consequences all fall on us, the people. I'm for changing THAT pattern right now. I pray the Attorneys General will be true to their oaths and carry out justice for us all.

Thank you for passing on these requests. I appreciate your efforts.