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Will Obama be removed from office, sent to us by a reader JoanSharon January 24, 2009
Is There a Chance Obama Will Be Forced Out of Office?
Commenter Jewel asks, “Do you really think there's a chance that Obama might be forced out of office? “

DemocracyRules Responds:

Yes, there is a good chance Obama will be forced out of office. The legal actions against him are increasing in number, and the legal arguments they make are becoming stronger, more precise, and more persuasive.

As of Jan 20, I became certain Obama should be removed from office. The eligibility of the President-elect must be proved before he takes the oath of office. Obama has claimed the office of President without proving his eligibility. Obama is an impostor.

The proof of eligibility rests in the hands of the candidate. Just like when we apply for a driver's license, we must show certain ID. It's our responsibility to get the ID, and present it when asked.

Obama’s mistake is irreversible. If he was eligible, he would have proved it by now. Impeachment is not necessary, he can be removed from office at any time, because it’s not necessary to impeach an impostor. The Constitution specifies the President must be eligible, and Obama is not eligible, therefore according to the Constitution he is not President.

Thus, Obama never was the President. Furthermore, as of Jan 20, he could be tried for fraud and/or treason. Few lawyers would expose themsleves to those risks if he/she could avoid it by producing a few pieces of paper.

Obama may have studied Constitutional law specifically for the purpose of learning how to game the system. He says he has always felt lost because he hardly knew his father, he moved a lot, and he didn't know where he belonged. He must have also known he wasn’t a US citizen. No wonder he felt lost.

Although the Constitution requires eligibility, it doesn’t provide clear details about who will vet the candidates.

In the 2008 election, a Nicaraguan Communist with only a green card was placed on some state ballots. Thousands voted for him. In 1968, Eldridge Cleaver, a convicted murderer/serial rapist, and member of the Black Panthers, ran for President even though he was too young to be eligible. He garnered about 30,000 votes.

In 1881, Vice President Chester Arthur took office when the sitting President died. New evidence suggests Arthur was not eligible because his father was not a US citizen. Arthur concealed his own birth date, destroyed evidence, and had all his personal papers burned before he died. But new research in 2008 uncovered the father’s naturalization certificate. The father became a US citizen long after Chester Arthur was born.

So Obama just stonewalled his citizen critics, and sailed on through, hoping to fake it for the next 8 years.

But the enforcement of the Constitution ultimately rests in the people. By now, millions doubt Obama’s eligibility, and hundreds of thousands are searching for more evidence to unseat him. As the evidence against Obama accumulates day by day, and the number of American doubters rises, there is a rising probability that Obama will be removed from office.

Pro Patria
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{From DR -- Read the evidence.}

Posted by: Lou Dobbs | January 24, 2009 at 09:02 PM
DR - Thank you for your comments. The thing is - The Free Republic blog had a lengthy article in which it was stated that the FBI and CIA know all about Obama's citizenship situation. What was not explained, however, is why these agencies are choosing to ignore the issue. Can you offer an opinion on this? There was an enormous amount of information in this article that I had never seen anywhere else regarding Obama's mother's and grandparents' background. I keep wondering how many people are aware of all this information. It's mindboggling.


{From DR -- Here's my explanation: (1) Obama's victory is truly stunning. Racist thinking about blacks is still prevalent in America. Of course all humans tend towards racism, and white Americans are among the least racist people in the world. But it's still amazing, and wonderful that America voted in a black president. It's very hard to let go of that dream.

(2) Most people don't care about the legal details, and the MSM is trying to keep them ignorant. (3) Most people have heard of the Constitution, but they have no idea what's in it. If you corner them and explain, it seems to them that you're picking at details.

(4) In life and in politics, most people just go along with things the way they are, and try to adjust. In Germany the Nazi's took over because most people couldn't be bothered to resist. They were tired of war and hunger and economic problems and they just wanted to have normal lives. Hitler seemed like the best option.

(5) The bottom line is that right now only a small percentage of Americans see a "clear and present danger". Until they do, they will not become involved.

(6) That's our job, to spread the idea that America is in fact confronting a clear and present danger, right here, right now. We have to spread the word, no one else will do it for us.

Pro Patria}

Posted by: Jewel | January 25, 2009 at 04:25 AM
Excellent analysis, DR. I do believeyou are correct - we are being hoodwinked!

Posted by: rrobin | January 25, 2009 at 08:26 AM
I feel like a large part of the reason why no one is taking enough action here is because of the color of Obama's skin. No one will admit it of course...but who wants to be the person who de-thrones the first black president? Can you imagine the outrage from some members of the black community?

Personally, I think that risk is well worth it. Too bad not enough people are with me.

~T the D

Posted by: T the D | January 25, 2009 at 02:09 PM
What can Americans do to have the impostor Obama removed from office?

Removing Obama would be unprecedented. Would it result in a nullification of the election, having Biden take office, declaring McCain the winner since he ran unopposed by an eligible candidate, or would we need a new special election to select the President?

The social ramifications of removing Obama don't frighten me, but I'd imagine it may spark extreme civil unrest in the black community.


{From DR -- Thanks for your comment.

(1) "What can Americans do to have the impostor Obama removed from office?" Massive civil disobedience. There are many peaceful ways to do this, but it will take millions of determined dissenters to make it work.

Most radicals believe people are sheep who can be easily manipulated, frightened, and controlled. Hitler thought this about his countrymen, and so did Lenin.

But is it true about Americans, in the year 2009? No one knows, but I have a feeling we are going to find out.

(2) "Removing Obama would be unprecedented."

Americans are weird the way they believe this, it's not true at all. In about one-half of all US presidencies, some 'unprecedented' disaster happens. Kennedy was shot and killed. Johnson was forced out after one term. Nixon had to resign. Ford was almost assassinated, and was forced out of power.

Carter barely finished one term, having perpetrated such a litany of humiliating failures that he should have left office by the back door. Reagan was shot and almost died.

Clinton committed perjury on a nationwide television address, and was impeached by the House. He avoided impeachment in the Senate by getting "smash mouth" Rahm Emanuel to perpetrate every dirty trick in the book against Clinton's Senate opponents.

I tell you, throwing a President out on his ear is perfectly normal.

(3) Once Obama is physically out of the White House, Biden can take over until a new election is held. There is nothing weird or strange about having a special election. This is the first time for a President, but Americans have a lot of special elections.

(4) One thing Obama proved is American Blacks are now fully part of the American body politic.

They are enfranchised politically and economically. They are better off than ever before, by a large margin, and they have a big stake in the American dream. Most Blacks don't live in ghettos, and they are getting better and better jobs.

If Obama is booted out, most Blacks will not run around in their suburban neighborhoods rioting. That's leftist fear-mongering.

Leftists have this fundamentally racist view that all Blacks are stupid, half-crazed, viscous animals, who need the constant care and protection of White social workers.

If you look at who has fomented rioting in the USA in the last 20 years, about 95% of it has been done by extreme left-wing, young, white, American men.

Pro Patria}