Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robert Jay March-March Report

Robert Jay March -- March Report
The view of Marxist-Leninists that they should "smash the state" is alive and well in the current administration, headed by the Usurper-in-Chief and his Democrat (not democratic) co-conspirators.
The ideologues of the Democrat machine have never shown a reluctance to sabotage the economy, thus hurting the very poor and impoverished they claim to represent, in order to further their own goals. When Ronald Reagan cut marginal tax rates, it resulted in a doubling of tax revenues received by the Treasury, yet the Democrats, in violation of an agreement with Reagan, increased spending sufficiently to cause a deficit, which they, as planned, then blamed on Reagan.
Having artificially triggered a melt-down in our economy by forcing banks who knew better into making unwise housing loans to unqualified people who had no hope of repaying, and goosing the problem along with end-of-day short-selling when McCain was pulling ahead of Obama, the expected panic was unleashed, resulting in a voter demand to "throw the rascals out." Whenever such a mood exists, the party of the "rascals" currently in the White House is ejected, and replaced by the other party's "rascals." Thus, Spanky, Stymie and Darla Hood were cast aside, and replaced by Darth Vader, Ra's Al Ghul and Cruella De Vil.

Crisis. Panic. Solution.
The Left frequently manipulates the public by means of the the crisis-panic-solution paradigm. Step One: create a crisis. Publicly call attention to the created crisis by use of the "bully pulpit" and help from lackeys in the media. Step Two: wait for the expected panic to materialize. Fan the flames of said panic until they are white-hot. Step Three: Rush to the rescue. Propose a solution, which apparently deals with the crisis, but is actually a means of imposing the programs and spending that you could not pass fairly, and ram it through the legislature before the panic dies down.
The Democrat Party played the American people like Guitar Hero, again placing the blame for their own pre-planned "crisis" on the very people who warned us that it was coming as long as six years ago, but the tune is wearing thin. You can only play one chord for so long before the audience realizes that you cannot actually play the guitar, and walks out.
Less than a week after the phony inauguration of a faux-President, marred by the flubbed Oath of Office that betrayed the consciousness of guilt by both Obama and Roberts, Obama's media minions have already begun biting at his heels. (Note to Chris Matthews: that tingling in your leg was just an early symptom of sciatica.)
Thousands of us have been crying out "The Emperor has no clothes." Just as in the fairy tale, it's only a matter of time before the larger crowd realizes it, and takes up the cry. When this finally happens, the means to force exposure is available to us, thanks to a tool left to us by George W. Bush.

"W" to the Rescue.
On January 16, 2009, three days before he left office, President Bush signed an Executive Order entitled "Granting Reciprocity on Excepted Service and Federal Contractor Employee Fitness and Reinvestigating Individuals in Positions of Public Trust.' As soon as they got in office, the Obaminons tried to scrub this from the White House web site, but the info was already out there. It appears on pages 4111-4113 of The Federal Register.
We have a PDF of the entire Order below, but here's a taste:

Sec. 5. Reinvestigation of Individuals in Positions of Public Trust. Individuals in positions of public trust shall be subject to reinvestigation ... to ensure their suitability for continued employment.

Hmmm. Now, who exactly in the employ of the Federal Government needs to have their backgrounds re-investigated. Have you heard any outcries for any such reinvestigation of anyone except ... oh, now, who could it be ... OBAMA! (Apologies to Dana Carvey's Church Lady.)
Dr. Orly Taitz has picked up the ball and is running with it. She has served U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and the FBI Chicago office with a subpoena to produce "any and all records in regards to level of character and conduct necessary pertaining to Barack H. Obama, a/k/a Barry H. Obama, II a/k/a Barry Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro. These documents have direct relation to holding a Position of Public Trust."
Now, don't get too excited yet. The success of such a petition requires that a court actually enforce the law. We haven't seen much of that lately. Yet, somehow, it is comforting to know that, as George W. Bush conducted himself as a consummate gentleman and a polished executive on his way out, he left us with this means of salvaging our form of Government.
Paraphrasing what the former President said, standing on the rubble of the World Trade Center in 2001, he heard us, and the people who shredded the Constitution are gonna hear from all of us soon.