Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Victoria Winsor, Richmond VA

Dear Dr. Orly Taitz and Phil Berg, (et al)

Re: Jurisprudence

Quo Warranto

Ex parte

I continue to struggle to understand what has happened to the Law, the Constitution, the foundation of Rules of Civil Procedure, Statutes, FRCP and the like. Why has the National Bar and each State Bar, University Law Professors, juris doctrine; the foundation of law per se, allowed such lack of action. I fail to understand how the Supreme Court, knowingly having pending pleadings before all of the Justices, could have an ex parte closed discussion with the defendants, or for all the Judges to rule denied without explanation, nor grounds or foundation. Law is based upon facts and findings, evidence of fact that has been sealed by the defendants, difficult to obtain, however readily available. To my knowledge the defendant has not shown this original evidence to any authority nor that has admitted to having been shown. Not only was there an ex parte secret meeting, action was taken thereafter without the benefit of a written order, nor notice to plaintiffs. Did the defendant produce proof evidence to the Supreme Court? I do not know who has standing in this matter that affects the world, that is clear under constitutional law.

Thus, I have come full circle under juris doctrine. Where are the voices of Jurisprudence, the Bar, and the teachers of law? Does this not in fact affect the entire judiciary and the American Justice System? The Civil Rights of Americans have been violated by gross abuse of discretion and deliberate indifference. What is it that we can not see or scholars know we do not know? More and more de facto practice is taking the place of de jure with the results being a de facto country. It has been suggested that ‘people’ take their complaint to the U.S. Attorneys or DOJ. Even if we get their attention to this problematic issue what Court would DOJ take this to that private attorneys have not already attempted? Maybe we should try this in the press, however it has been said the press has already decided this case and is the cause and effect. .Possibly lawyers and the Bar should have a 3rd convention at historic St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.


Victoria Windsor

Commonwealth of Virginia