Saturday, January 31, 2009

Follow up on who was that Congressman that raised his hand to object Obama confirmation?

If you recall at Jan 8 confirmation hearing one man raised his hand to object. As Dick Cheney was about to call on him, our Ms. Cruella DeVille- aka Ms. Nanci Pelosi suddenly burst into applause to shut them up. Others followed in that stunt. We are trying to ascertain who is that man, that raised his hand. You see in the picture a tall, dark complexion man with the beard. I got this e-mail with info and picture of AL Green of TX. This man does look like him. Keep in mind, biography picture is an old one. I can't tell for sure, if it's Al Green or not. Can any patriots from Houston, TX contact his office, schedule an appointment with him and verify his stand on this issue. At any rate we need to schedule appointments with all the congressmen. A meeting with him will be more urgent I guess.

I am sure that your staff has already found this picture of Al Green. Would be best to have actual verification of that youtube video of the lone protester.