Thursday, January 29, 2009

marriage licenses

Writing about Ayers and Dorhn got me thinking. Ann Dunham and BO SR supposedly got married in HI, however nobody has ever found an actual marriage license, only an application for one. Ayers and Dorhn were in underground for 11 years, under assumed names. How did they get a marriage license? Didn't they need to supply their birth certificates or passports with their application for marriage license? What did they submit? Where did they get birth certificates under assumed names? How about social security cards? Who was the "creative artist" that supplied those? Is he the same Michelangelo, that created BO's short form birth certificate, seletive service certificate and all the other docs? Maybe the same person of interest can explain the mistery of some 80 entries in national databases, showing some 80 different addresses and social security nambers for BO.