Friday, January 30, 2009

How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility?

I was asked this question. How much is Obama paying to defend his ineligibility? Let's see. I saw in Justia 48 legal actions in Federal courts alone. In state courts there are probably many more cases, since people are more at ease filing in their local state circuit courts pro se. In my Keyes v Bowen case there are 4 attorneys representing Obama, 4 representing SOS Bowen and one representing electors-9 in all. There are two issues here:
1. of course he is spending a fortune. His CA attorneys are Beverly Hills firm (unless it's just a front) and DC Robert Bauer that has been around the block time and again. My guess they are charging $600 an hour. You do the math.
2. The States are spending a fortune. They are wasting our taxpayer's dollars to defend indefensible. I believe in each one of those cases the judges should've issued a Writ of Mandamus to obtain necessary eligibility documentation from a legitimate source, like the Health Dep of HI and State Dep., instead of allowing Robert Bauer and Obama a free ride claiming political blog garbage as a reputable source. Why aren't the judges sanctioning them for even claiming that this stupid political unverified blog is a reputable source? Additionally, why are they allowing such a waste of taxpayer dollars, instead of getting the docs within an hour and getting over with it? What are they waiting for? For people's anger to reach the boiling point and a revolt to start? Is that the end game? I really don't know...