Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Yank and scrub"

Somebody just posted that they (meaning Annenberg challenge merry crowd) had ample time to yank and scrub the files of Annenberg challenge and nothing will come out of this, meaning if Fitzgerald unseals them, everything will look kosher.
On contrair, if they scrubbed the fies, there will be a clear inconsistency between the tax returns, as filed and what shows now. Unless somebody is seriously hacking into the IRS computer system and completely re-calculates all of the tax returns of all of those foundations, they are in deep...Moreover, keep in mind, that the tax returns of all of these funds are public knowledge. How do they know that I and a few other people didn't download and print out hard copies of the tax returns of all of these foundations, as they were filed with IRS? do I need to remind you, how did Elliott Ness get Capone?