Monday, January 26, 2009

New Subpoenas

New subpoenas that have been issued to Obama's senior staff from the Honorable Patrick Fitzgerald Office:

David Axelrod
Valerie Jarrett
Rahm Emanuel
Tony Rezko

Also served:

Patricia Blagojevich
Friends of Blagojevich, campaign committee
Citizens for Blagojevich, former committee
Robert Blagojevich
Christopher Kelly
Alonzo Monk
Milan Petrovic
John Wyma
Paul Rosenfeld
J.B. Pritzker
Gery Chico
Doug Scofield
Scofield Communications
Service Employees International Union
Tom Balanoff
Change to Win, activist group
Sam Zell, owner of the Chicago Tribune
Nils Larsen
The Chicago Tribune
The Tribune Co.
Michael Vondra
Gerald Krozel
John Johnston, president of Balmoral Park racetrack
Fred Yang
Garin Hart Yang Research Group
William Knapp
Squire, Knapp & Dunn, Knapp’s firm
Doug Sosnick, political consultant