Friday, January 30, 2009

Info Needed - Defend Our Freedom Convention

As many of you know, Dr. Taitz is planning on having a Defend Our Freedom Convention in the DFW area of Texas. Dr. Taitz has asked me to be in charge of the planning of this convention.

Many hotels book major conferences many months in advance, which is making it difficult to find early dates of availability. It will greatly help knowing how many people are interested in attending this conference. I know many of you cannot make a decision until we find out all the costs for you. I am not asking for a commitment; however, I would like to know if you would attend, if your expense is kept to a minimum. As it is now, I cannot get them to confirm prices so I am getting a range from $100 per night to over $200 per night. Once I have this information, then I should be able to post by Monday hotel information.

Dr. Taitz is, at this time, wanting to have a Friday (for people to go to Federal Court Building as a group), Saturday, and Sunday. We are currently looking at dates in April and early May.

Please email me at and include one or more of the following.
checking which you can do.

Will you be able to attend ____1 day ____2 Days ____3 Days

Maybe will attend ____1 day ____2 Days ____3 Days

If you cannot attend every day, then which days?

Will attend: ____Friday ____Sat ____Sun

Maybe will attend ____Friday ____Sat ____Sun

If you cannot attend during the day on Friday, would you be attending our Friday evening reception?

Yes _____

Maybe _____

Do you:

_____ need a hotel room,
_____ want to share a hotel room with someone else,
_____ know someone locally with whom you can stay

Do you live in the DFW area?

If so, would you:

_____ be willing to have people stay with you

_____ be willing to volunteer to work at the registration desk

_____ pick up people at the airport

_____ do other things to help

If you received an email or saw a posting somewhere else about this and have already responded, please do not reply again to the areas on which you have already responded..

Would you be willing:

_____ to do some fund-raising

_____ donate for this event?

_____ sponsor or find a sponsor for the event

Thank you.