Monday, January 26, 2009

AP reporting on Obama's aunt, from reader Robert

this article was written by AP writer Joanne Viviano in OH. Commentary below is from one of the readers. My comment to this: why isn't AP doing it's job for once and not demanding from ICE under FOIA all of Obama's immigration records, his mother's travel in 1960-1961, his passport records. It was reported by former ICE agent that Obama came to US on foreign exchange student visa. Excerpts of Ca Assembly show Soetoro from Indonesia receiving foreign exchange student aid. Maybe AP should stop drinking Obama cool aid for a minute or two and start serious investigative reporting about him

...hiding in the open.

My understanding of the law is she cannot get asylum or a stay of deportation after an order has been issued to deport her. Now, she must get a Presidential pardon to stay.Lets see her birth certificate, lying documents to get government housing, medical care and welfare checks, voting records, fake social security number, passport, entry documents into the US-lets see it all!!!!Documents! We ain't got no STINKN documents!