Monday, January 26, 2009

from a reader Michele Pecora

Dear Joe, Chris and Michael:

I listened to replays of Michael Medved's tirade about those of us who are doing our part to expose Barry Soetero/Barack Obama.

The callers were far more articulate than Medved. The passport discussion was so demonstrative of Medved's poor debate skills. He changed the subject at least three times while talking over the caller before weaseling out to a break.

On another occasion, as soon as an attorney introduced himself, Medved tossed out the "funds" card in his first sentence. Does he really think he is fooling anyone with that cheap defensive tactic? He has no basis for his rude banter and has displayed an amazing degree of ignorance and foolish amateur legal interpretations. I would laugh if I weren't so appalled.

Medved deserves to be sued for slander, but I notice that Dr. Orly Taitz graciously responded with a firm and informative letter. He is lucky that she took the high road in the face of his sleazy comments. If she were anything but dedicated to the cause, she wouldn't bother with Medved. She'd settle for suing him if it were about money.

Medved's sarcasim falls on its face. Is he trying to entertain?

I expect for him to act like an adult and offer the attorneys who are donating hours of their time to save America from this Usurper time to clear the air waves that he polluted.

Otherwise, he deserves to be sued to bankruptcy, for all I care. I would not have heard of him if it hadn't been for the outrage of true conservatives. And, by the way, I'm not making any money on this email.

Michele Pecora, MBA, CPA