Sunday, December 21, 2008

When the whole system is corrupt, filing law suits is an exercise in futility

I guess I need to explain better where I am coming from. I have now some 10,000 e-mails with a lot of opinions in regards to different law suits, but let me explain myself by bringing an example. In the Soviet Union any and all law suits filed against the Communist party operatives and governmental officials always ended up in favor of the Communist party and the government. This wasn't because the lawyers for the people were incompetent and dumb, it happened because the system was corrupt to it's core and it reached a point when any law suit filed was an exercise in futility and the only thing that could bring any real change and sanity was an uprising, a revolution against the system, and that is why Leh Valensa and Solidarity got an overwhelming support of the people, that is why Wazlav Havel succeeded in Chech republic, that's why the Berlin wall fell. People despised the corrupt system that gave people no freedom of speech, no free press and no justice in the judiciary system.
Unfortunately, when I saw what is happenning in this country in the last year, I can see an eerie resemblence of what I saw in the Soviet union. We see a totally corrupt press that is manipulated by a few in power and we see a corrupt system of government. The facts of the case are unbelievably simple. According to Law of Nations, statements by the first chief Justice John Jay and framer of the 14th ammendment John Bingham "natural born citizen is one that was born in this countryy with parents that are citizens of this country". It cannot be more simple then that. Regardless of where Obama was born, he is not eligible. If he was born in Kenya, he is not only not eligible for presidency, but also not a citizen and needs to apply for his green card. The fact that nobody in the government is willing to do a thing about it and nobody in the judiciary is willing to hear the case on the merits, tells me that the whole system is totally corrupt and that is why I feel we need to go on the offensive. Filling law suits will not be enough. All the law suits will end up in the Supreme Court and if 6 out of 9 Supremes couldn't care less about the Constitution of this country, then we are wasting our time.
It is important to show each and every American, how corrupt our system is. We have to hold all of the judges and all of the elective officials accountable. We are showing the citizens of this country, how arrogant the government elite is, when after thousands of letters and petitions they do nothing. We show how aloof the judiciary is, when they are not willing to hear the cases on the merits.
Now let's take Trilateral commission and Bielderberg group. Why are those so universally despised by the people? Because these are closed, secretive societies. Naturally people are apprehensive of any cabals, any closed societies, they are fearful of their governments being taken by small groups of special interests that might be opposite to the interest of the populace. When people see that the top echelons of power in both Republican and Democratic party are being taken by reported members of such groups, when they see, how year after year their jobs are being shipped to the third world countries with labor costing pennies on the dollar, when they see Treasuries looted and as a final insult somebody totally ineligible pushed up in the White House, people are ready for revolt and rightfully so.
Our government and our judiciary need to understand, that they crossed all boundaries and they need to wake up. Let's take an example from medicine: when a parasite or a cancer enters a body of a host, it flourishes initially, but as it spreads, it gradually kills the host and ends up dying with the host.
If the groups like Trilateral commission and Bielderberg group don't want to be despised by the people, they need to open their doors to the media, and not only to their puppet media, but to free Internet reporters like me. They need to open their membership to the people, they need to show that they act in the interest of the people and not against the people.
The Judiciary needs to hear the cases on the merits and render judgements based on the Constitution and not the Judgements that de facto tear apart the Constituion.
The members of the Congress and the Senate need to announce to the people that they will demand the hearing on January the 8th, if Judiciary does not hear the case on the merits until then.
This used to be a great country, it has a lot of great people,and people in power need to rise to the occasion and show that they represent the interests of the people, or people will be justified in impeaching and recalling and finally replacing people in power.