Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our story was published in Sweden

I've gotten phone calls and e-mails from all over the world, whereby questions are asked, why doesn't Obama present his original birth certificate. The whole world already knows that foreign born children of Hawaiian residents can get Hawaiian birth certificates (HI statue 338) and by all accounts that's how Barack got his BC after being born in Kenya and that's how his sister Maya got her's after being born in Indonesia.
How does BO expect to be taken seriously by Putin, when Pravda, newspaper of the largest circulation in the world, going to some 200 million Russians calls him the conmen of the century, openly asks what happenned to his grandmother and what about the reports of forgery of his selective service certificate.
How does he expect to build economic relations with Japan, when Japanese news papers are openly critisising US media for not reporting on this hoax of the Century.
People that are pulling the strings need to realize, it's time to cut their losses. This experiment didn't succeed, it will backfire against them as the investigations continue by all of the governmental agencies: IRS, FBI, US attorneys office, immigration and so on.

Dear Orly,

I have written an article, "New York Times uppmanar advokat Orly Taitz att sluta granska Barack Obama" on where I have included a Swedish translation of your open letter to chief justice Roberts.