Saturday, December 27, 2008

Letter from a reader Michelle

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I agree with the comment that our government has spent billions/trillion(?) re: national security after 9/11. An enemy found a gaping loophole in our defense system and went after it big time. I see from this web-site and others that Pravda and other foreign countries are taking this issue very seriously. Why are our elected officials who are elected to serve the people of the United States of America and defend it taking such a cavilier attitude to this question of Obama's citizenship? I mean all (3)branches of our government. I don't think they are there for decorative purposes or to look "cute" at "photo ops" they have a job to do and they should do it. What if it does come out that Obama is not a citizen before (I hope) the "swearing in" or after? Do you think the American people would elect them to anything? Any found to be in collusion would be headed to jail forever. I think anyone who ignores that issue does so at its peril ! also included the Media. I think they are forgetting that the American people LOVE their country and LOVE their Constitution even if their elected officials do not. One final thought does anyone really believe that our Military who do take oaths and lay their lives down for our country really believe that they will allow a usurper to command them. These men and women have seen their friends die to protect our country and they all have very long memories, when they take an oath they're not kidding.