Friday, December 26, 2008

Letter from a reader, call for a criminal action


Good morning. A gentleman who came to my site after reading yours left this message at mine just a short time ago. I though you'd want to read it:

From: MrTideman
Date: December 26, 2008 10:17:08 AM EST
Subject: [The Radio Patriot] New comment on NYT SAYS "LET IT GO".

MrTideman has left a new comment on your post "NYT SAYS "LET IT GO"":

Forget the "Judicial intervention" (as mentioned in paragraph #1 of Orly's letter to Roberts) as it regards these CIVIL cases that keep getting the block, and go for some CRIMINAL cases, as in an Indictment against Obama for lieing on his Declaration of Candidacy form in all fifty (50) states writing that he is eligible for the office he seeks. And as Edwin Vieira wrote, as posted on the Devvy Kidd website: that case-law of that the burden of proof is upon the individual claiming the job. But in what forum? In the Grand Jury! Especially when the Prosecutor has evidence that he is NOT eligible, as in the proof in the Ron Polark documents of 100-pages that I did give to my New Hampshire Attorney General in Concord: the Capitol City to investigate, but that as of January 1st or 15 days before the next Grand Jury reconvenes on the 3rd Thursday of the month for Merrimack County on Jan. 15th = only 5 days before the Inauguration, we will have here a Democrat County Attorney AND a Democrat governor, and so need this information to go to for prosecution in #___ states where there is both a Republican prosecutor AND governor, so that when Obama is Indicted, then the governor's warrant for the arrest can be presented to that Republican state governor where his train stops on his way to Washington for THERE to be arrested, as in if he does not go peacefully with the arresting officer, then to put his hands in the handcuffs and feet in shackles! I'm serious! But then I've been told his federal Secret Service protection is to keep him away from any such state actions as in even though he has not been sworn in yet, this check is against the states!? The only way to find out is to help those citizens here reading this to get them the Polarik documents so that they can initiate this action in those #___ states hoping for at least ONE indictment. Yours truly, JosephSHaas at hotmail dot com over here from the www dot drorly.blogspot dot com website is HOW I got here. Thank you "very" much for allow me to post this. I truly do appreciate it, as in that "eager for the truth" enthusiasm as stated by one of the Cardinal's during the Christmas Eve Mass in Rome with the Pope that I saw on TV that night. Happy New Year! to you all.

Posted by MrTideman to The Radio Patriot at 10:17 AM, December 26, 2008


P.S. Here's the list of Republican governors that I did find over at en.wikipedia dot org / wiki / List_of_ current_United_States_Governors (no spaces): Alabama, Alaska, Calif., Conn., Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Minn., Miss., Missouri*, Nebraska, Nevada, N.D., RI, S.C., S.D., Texas, Utah + Vermont = 22, *= the Republican governor for Missouri (The "Show Me" state, as in Show Me your Birth Certificate, not COLB) retiring, and the governor-elect a Democrat who takes office Mon., Jan.. 12th, and so to seek an Indictment in THAT state BEFORE then. Now to find out which Prosecutors in each capitol are Republican... I'll try to get the Polarik documents over to Vermont, as in my neighbor state here in New Hampshire. Yours truly, JosephSHaas at hotmail dot com