Saturday, December 27, 2008

Disinformation, right on our blog

In response to my blog article entitled "Disinformation", someone who identifies himself as "Kevin" writes:

“Dr. Orly, Sandra Lines said nothing more than the obvious fact that images can be faked and to tell for sure one needs to look at the original. She said nothing to indicate that Barack Obama's COLB was genuine or not. And thereby she makes any analysis of the COLB image moot, including that of "Rod Polarik". You can't tell anything from an image.

The suggestion that Dr. Onaka, head of Vital Statistics in Hawaii, recent past president of the national organization of vital statistics agencies (NAPHSIS) would allow a forged Hawaiian birth certificate to be blown all over the Internet without a word from him (or the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health or Hawaii's Republican Governor) is beyond credible. That alone is enough to raise a very high standard of proof for a document analyst trying to assert a forgery. "Polarik's" analysis is about as poor as one could imagine--more of a flight of imagination than science as he sees scans being sent to the one who would do the forgery, as he tries for the 700th time to guess what kind of scanner Obama used and matching it miserably.

First of all, what is it to you "Kevin"? Are you a paid Obama operative? Who are you? Why bother? Why do you care?

Second, how did you know that XXX was Ron Polarik?

Third, Ron Polarik and Sandra Lines are not the only two forensic document experts that have examined these documents and weighed in on them. There is at least one other in the Berg case. And these affidavits are not from the Berg case, but from the Hochberg case. Sorry dude. These two might be completely different from the 3 forensic document analysts that Berg has assembled.

Also, having read the 139 page report from Polarik, and having advanced degrees in relevant fields, I would say that Polarik does not "only try to guess what sort of scanner" that Obama used. And how do you know that Polarik has "matched it miserably"?

How would you know ? Who are you? Tell me about your PhD in digital image processing why don't you Kevin. Where did you get your degree? Do you hold any patents? What is your publication record like? And what is any of this to you anyway? Why bother?

You ask, why would Onaka allow fake documents to be spread all over? I think the answer is pretty obvious. From the court proceedings in Hawaii, and the fact that the Hawaiian Health Department has turned down several subpoenas from courts in other states, one can conclude that the government of Hawaii has decided to make a huge stand on this issue.

From interviews in the press, and my own conversations with the officials at the Hawaii Health Department, it is obvious that Oanaka and others in the Hawaii Health Department feel bound by the laws of their state. They have clearly been told that if they talk about this, they will lose their jobs, be fined and/or go to prison. That, coupled together with confusion about what the constitutional requirements are to be president of the United States, and some disagreement about the definition of the term "natural born citizen", as well as a large number of people that believe the constitution is obsolete or optional or should be changed or ignored, and you have the perfect setting for someone like Onaka to behave as he does.

Would you be willing to risk prison time if you were Onaka? Onaka has climbed to his position by playing by the rules. You expect Onaka to break the rules now and maybe destroy his career and spend years in prison? Why? Would you?

And what if Onaka illegally releases Obama's birth record information, and it shows that Obama was not born in Hawaii and Congress and the courts ignore this and confirm Obama as president anyway? Many have stated publicly that they favor making Obama president even if Obama is shown to be ineligible to assume the presidency. Even Ron Paul has stated this recently. What do you think would happen to Onaka then?

This could include things much much worse than prison; presidents like Clinton and Nixon have used the IRS and other government agencies to harass "enemies". Obama associates with people that advocate bombings and assassination. Not just one or two people, but lots of people. He even supported his cousin Odinga's campaign in Kenya that ended with widespread slaughtering of his opponents, even though his cousin Odinga lost the Kenyan election. Obama is even inviting his cousin Odinga to the inauguration.

What do you think that a President Obama would do to someone like Onaka if he illegally released such information? Do you know that most lawyers will not touch this case for fear of retribution for the same reason? Most judges? Do you expect a government bureaucrat in Hawaii to be braver than most lawyers and judges? To risk his life and the lives of his family to stop Obama when no law enforcement official, no court and no politician has stepped up to offer support and protection? You expect Onaka to voluntarily blow the whistle and then probably be punished for it? To spend every dime he has and every dime his family has defending his actions in court? To probably be fined, imprisoned or maybe even killed for it? What are you, insane? Naive? Stupid?

Please "Kevin". You are nothing but an Obama operative and a troll. Go away.