Monday, December 22, 2008

Need your help in research

Yesterday an article appeared, saying that Joe Biden will be in charge of overseeing middle class, helping middle class, something to that extend. I remember that sometime in August-September of this year the was a report about one of Biden's two sons. This report was on a John and Ken show KFIAM 640 before the whole station went dark and switched from opposition to supporters of BO and Co. The report stated that Biden's son was a lobbyist and was getting some 1.7 million a year salary as a lobbyist. When his father decided to run, they figured, it doesn't look good, if he continues working as a lobbyist, and he tried to buy a hedge fund, using some of his dad's connections. The deal fell apart. I am trying to get info in the following area:
1. who was his employer, who paid him 1.7mln a year?
2. what benefit did this co get from Senate and congress?
3. What is the name of the fund he was trying to buy?
4. who were the lawyers, that were the mahers, the handlers on the deal?
5. Why did the deal fall apart.
BO promised transparency. With our dead media, it is up to us, Internet journalist and patriots, that don't want this country to go down the drain in the cesspool of corruption, to uncover the truth,