Saturday, December 27, 2008

A letter from a reader-What happened to all the money we spend on our intelligence, where are they?

messenger says:Today, 7:30:43 PM“Correct.It doesn't matter how nice Ron Paul appears to be,or how many patriot radio shows he is on.His actions or rather inactions are what are important.Plus,one thing most people do not include in these arguements is the fact that the USA spends hundreds of billions of dollars on Intelligence[Trillions if black budgets are factored in] every year.We have a Gestapo Homeland Securit agency,and scores of alphabet security and policing agencies.Where are they?Where is the DOJ or NSA or CIA or FBI or the rest of them?Why are FOIA requests ignored or denied when pertaining to BHO?Why do we allow Barry to investigate himself and pronounce a clean bill of health to the people?Well,most of us know the answer to those questions.