Monday, December 22, 2008

Another letter from a reader- Jean in Chicago

Dear Readers,

First, let me state that I am a registered Repulican who voted for John McCain in this past election. I voted Republican because my values and beliefs are consistent with the 2008 RNC platformand because Barack Obama with too many Anti-American ties and a platform, which I believed, supported a Socialist agenda.

Months before the election, I was disturbed to find out that Barack Obama might not even meet the "natural born" eligibility requirements to be elected to POTUS. The more I read, the more research that I conducted, the more I became convinced that Obama's rise to superstardom was an orchestrated effort that would have to involve both parties, high ranking governement officials and the media. Why wasn't anyone standing up to avoid the impending constitutional crisis?

To follow the slew of lawsuits that were being originated surrounding both Obama's and McCain's eligiblity issues, (but particularly Obama's because McCain's eligiblity issue, I thought had been addressed) I started a social networking site called WeThePeopleUSA.

My site grew almost overnight, at a rate of about 30-50 members a day and now totals around 500 members. Unfortunately, after lawsuit after lawsuit was dismissed regarding Obama's presidential eligibilty, I noticed a rapid decline in member participation and new members joining the site.

Fortuantely, I never stopped searching for the truth, not just about Obama, but about the Republican Party...My Party. I wanted to know why, with so many questions concerning Obama's eligibilty, hadn't ANY high profile Republicans stepped up to voice their concern? Why had the "so-called" conservative media, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, etc. failed to report on this issue?

Today, I am pretty much an expert on the Obama eligibilty question and I have many links on my site that link to other sites that are also reporting this issue. However, the silence of the Republican Party and historical support that John McCain has given on behalf of illegal immigrants, NAFTA and the Council on Foreign Policy has caused me to ask more questions that I wasn't sure that I really wanted the answer to.

Could McCain's loss to Obama have been part of the "master plan?" If so, how was it orchestrated and who were the players. Surely, the Republican's, our small government, capitalism loving party could not be behind such a betrayal. There must be some other explaination. This could not happen in America. What about our Supreme Court and George Bush's appointee for Chief Justice, John Roberts, surely, he would uphold the Constitution?

Unfortunately, I found out that it IS happening, and that It has been happening for a very long time. I have concluded that the Republican Party, as it stands today, is a party that secretly supports a New World Order.

Everything that is associated with Obama, including John McCain, his presidential opponent, and our Current and Former Republican Presidents is connected to this New World Order.

The New World Order is a borderless society ruled by a central banking system which uses one currency in which individual rights are no longer protected and one govenrment has total control. Many of the "elites" have recognized that a New World Order is needed and neccessary. click here for quotes.

From a False Credit Crisis to the Wars that have been started to create the New World Order, chaos has been created and terrorism used as an imminent danger, like 9/11 to scare people into giving up their constitutional rights.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do not wear a tin-foil hat. I am an average Average American, who, for most of my life, like many other American's has been too busy trying to work and make a living and raise a family to seek out the truth on my own.

I don't claim to have found out the complete "truth" only a list of questions, that yet to have been unansered. Until we can answer these questions and get to the real truth, we can not determine how to move forward as a Party or even what the party should look like.

How many "elites" in the Republican party today are connected to the New World Order? We MUST determine this before we can Stand United and Rebuild the Party.

Your thoughts and comments are encouraged. Please note: I have completed extensive research on both Obama and McCain's citizenship, as well as, the NWO, but I did not want to overload the reader here. A few links are provided for your reference, which link to more material you can read on your own to decide for yourself if ALL YOUR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS have truely been addressed by your party.

Thank you.