Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More media bias

I was somewhat surprised by this MSNBC segment  in which Johnathon Turley is interviewed by Keith Obermeier. Turley and Overmeier claim that World Net Daily inspected the original Obama birth certificate and declared it valid and asserted that Obama is a natural born citizen. This MSNBC broadcast was made one day after a World Net Daily program delivered 60,000 letters by express mail to the Supreme Court from citizens expressing their concern over the issue. The World Net Daily petition questioning Obama's birth certificate had over 160,000 signatures at that point (and now closer to 200,000 signatures). World Net Daily has at least one article on this controversy every day, and often several articles. 

I used to dismiss the claims the media was biased or leftist. However, now I am just stunned when I see this sort of evidence of problems in the mainstream media. 
Obermeier and Turley even completely misinterpret the statements from the Hawaii health department. I have observed that the mainstream media makes one misleading report after another about the position of the Hawaii Health Department. It is outrageous and even shocking.

Now we have confirmation from the head of World Net Daily, Joseph Unruh, that the mainstream media was making incorrect statements. Farah denies the claim that World Net Daily has determined that the Obama birth certificate is authentic and that this demonstrates that Obama was born in Hawaii. However, I have heard this incorrect story repeated over and over and over in the mainstream media. It was not just MSNBC who incorrectly claimed that WND had decided that the birth certificate was valid and that Obama was born in Hawaii. This fraudulent assertion was repeated gleefully by the mainstream media, over and over. 

Does anyone not think we are seeing an evidence of a problem here?