Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More food for thought for Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald or what really happened to grandma?

As you recall Obama went to HI to visit his ailing grandma on October 24, supposedly due to broken hip and she died Nov 3, right before the election on Nov 3. On campaign trail Michelle stated that she talked to Obama and grandma, while Obama was visiting her and grandma was fine and in good health.
Larry Sinclair has published on his blog that according to the death certificate the grandma passed away on October the 22, 2 days before BO's visit.

Please, everybody, write to the Attorney General of HI, governor Lingl, all of the liberal judges that were hiding BO's original birth certificate and demand that they go public and disclose the information essential to the public.
1. we need to see Madelyn Dunham's BC immediately
2. we need to know who pronounced her dead
3. who signed the dead certificate
4. what is the cause of death
5. we need to see the coroners report
6. we need to see the hospital records
7. who identified the body before cremation
8. where was she cremated
9. when exactly did she die
10. did she die of natural causes

We need answers to all of these questions in regards to BO's mother Stanley Ann Dunham, -Obama-Toot-Soetoro-Sutoro (and who knows what)

This should not be Chicago Mafia, Hi edition. This is United States of America that is built on law and order and Constitution. All of the law enforcement officials and judiciary should not be aiding and abetting commission of crime, but should be on the forefront with us, the citizens of this country, uncovering crimes and bringing criminals to justice