Thursday, December 25, 2008

why are the birthdates keep changing?

Recently I saw reports about Madelyn Dunham dying at the age of 97. There is a problem with that. I remember reading about BO's family history that stated, that Madelyn Dunham eloped with her boyfriend Stanley Armour Dunham, when she was finishing high school and she gave birth shortly afterwords, in 1942 to her daughter (Stanley) Ann Dunham. This means that Madelyn Dunham was born sometimes in 1924, which means that she should be 84 years old now. Why do I see reports of her being 97, 96, 93.
Same thing happened when BO's mother, Ann Dunham died. There was a memorial, where it stated that she was 56, while in reality she was a little younger then 53.
What is wrong with these people? Normal people have a set birthdate, it is carved in stone, it is not something amorphous, that keeps changing on the daily basis. WHO are these people, where are they coming from, where are they going, with no set birth dates, no marriage licenses, hidden birth certificates, no medical or school records, no coroners reports, death certificates from wrong states with wrong dates???
I hope all of you patriots are reporting all od this to all of the authorities.