Monday, December 22, 2008

Letter from reader Mary Lentz-please call Senator Stevens

Dear Dr. Taitz:

Thank you for helping America figure out who was just elected POTUS.

Sen. Stevens, it seems, has just been given a boost by an FBI whistleblower.
It seems he will be exonerated soon. However, he lost his Senate seat
because of democratic railroading. He may just be angry enough to object
on January 6 at one p.m. in the chambers of the US House of
Representatives to Barack Obama taking office until he unseals his bona
fides to be potus.

I just tried to email him, but he shunts emails to Sen. Murkoski and Rep
Young. I just now emailed both Murkoski and Young and Gov. Palin to ask
Stevens if he will help.

Would it be a good idea if others did the same. We only need one Senator
or Representative to object.

Thanks for your time, Mary Lentz