Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Open Letter to John McCain from Petitioner, PAMELA BARNETT

My letter to Senater McCain-

Dear Senater McCain,

I am a 55yr old Viet-nam vet, and I have thought of you as a true American Hero for many years and it is now, with an aching heart, that I write to you. You sir, stand on a slippery slop, that once you go down it,you will tarnish that status of Hero and even your status as a good American! It is your sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and defend it with your life, just as it is mine and I sir do not take that charge lightly! You KNOW, and I truly mean KNOW,that Mr. Obama is not eligibile to hold the office of the Presidency under Article2 Section 1 of that very Constitution that you are sworn to uphold. Your campaign retoric that YOU and Gov.

Palin would clean up Washington has become nothing more than political JUNK speech. Is there no honor in your word? You truely do know that what I say is the truth and while you may not like the tone of this letter, I am being harsh because this is a Constitutional crisis of such great proportions that the very laws that give me and every American citizen our freedoms and rights is being shreded and trampled on!

While your fellow Senaters passed a worthless nonbinding resolution (511), not reflective of any legal stature, in an attempt to sanitize your own illeagle candidacy, which I am ashamed of you for allowing. They were realy trying to hide the fact that Mr. Obama was even more unfit as to eligibility than you. They blew smoke up your tailpipe sir! Your real test of true patriotism is what I put before you here now. I implore you to STAND UP AND FIGHT right there on the Senate floor sir. STAND UP and vehemently contest Mr. Obama's eligibility on the very grounds that resolution 511 uses to approve you. First denounce that resolution for it can not by any words used make you any kind of citizen other than a "CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES by STATUTE" and not to be cruel or visious, you can neverbe a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" without a change to the Constitution, that is just the fact. In resolution 511, they say you are eligibile because BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS were American citizens, and while I do not subcribe to that understanding, that does back up the assertion that Mr. Obama did not have BOTH OF HIS PARENTS holding American citizenship at the time of his birth. In fact Mr. Obama, in his own words states that his citizenship at his birth was governed by the 1948 British nationality act, His father was a British Subject and under that act his father's citizenship was confered on him at birth making him a British Subject and an American citizen.

Therefore under law Mr. Obama at birth was, and he himself does not dispute this, a "DUAL NATIONAL NATIVE BORN CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES" and can never be indowed with the status of "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN". He can not be eligible under the Constitution as it stands, and has stood for 232yrs. In resolution 511 they had stated that there is no clear understanding of the intent of the framers in the using of the term "natural born citizen" and that is just deliberate misinformation. I shall refer you to letters written during the drafting of the Constitution, by John Jay and Mr. Bingham that led to that phrase being used in only one place in the intire document and that being the UNIQUE status of citizenship required to hold to highest office in this great nation. If you do the research you will find that it is clear the a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" is a person BORN on UNITED STATES soil of TWO Parents that are American citizens which have no foreign loyalty nor under the jurisdiction of any foreign sovereignty. There are also Supreme Court cases that address the natural born citizenship issue and in none of them do the Justices ever confer NATURAL BORN status on any one other than a person that is born on American soil of two American citizes,NEVER!the closest that they come is to confer NATIVE (of the soil)BORN. Senater McCain,sir, it is time for you to muster all of the courage that you have displayed in the past and bring it to this most important fight. Sir, you must STAND UP AND FIGHT, COUNTRY FIRST, COUNTRY BEFORE SELF INTEREST, and go forth onto the Senate floor and contest mr. Obama's eligibility!

Senater McCain do what is right for this great nation and it's people before you dishonor youself and your office. If you would like someone with you at your side for this nobel act then all you have to do is say so and I will stand with you, I put my life on the line for this country before and I will gladly do it again, the unlawfull do not frighten me!

Thank You and I'll be waiting to hear from you if you are the man that I used to admire.

Lightfoot v. Bowen