Monday, December 22, 2008

Another letter from a reader- Quinn from HI (currently a law student)

As a resident of Hawaii for the last 13 years, I am beyond appalled. As a citizen of the United States since 1979, I am beyond shock that the American Media and the Secretaries of these 50 United States would hide behind veils as such crucial times. So yes, just let me know what specific points you like me to address in this third world 50 state of these United States. I don't believe our First Commander in Chief George Washington would be proud if he was alive today. Americans have not followed the wishes of our founding fathers with the help of the media annoiting their favorite son..Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama, the least experience and long shot DNC 2008 candidate for Commander in Chief.

The Left Protesting Americans have however, become a law unto themselves and as a result trampled on the US Constitution and the State of Hawaii Constitution, since it has been over 3 decades of having a decorum of a State of Hawaii Constitution Convention whereupon the Hawaii State Legislature relentlessly refused to hold such State Convention even though a sitting Republican Governor, Linda Lingle and Lt. Governor, James Duke Aiona of the State of Hawaii calls for such amendment on the voting ballot this year so that it would allow the citizens of the 50th Aloha State the opportunity to voice their concerns. So, a Big Yes; I am more than appalled. It is a disgrace and a dispictable slap to the face for anyone to have any standings whats so ever, including constitutional abidding citizens such as Philip J. Berg. As Mr. Berg states, he is the biggest hoax in over 150 years and the illegible and unqualified President-Elect of these United States". I would further add that Mr. Hussein Mohammad Obama is not only these, but Illegitiment POTUS.

So please feel free to add my name to the class action suit as a former Naval Reserve.