Monday, January 12, 2009

from reader Jeanette, more info

I need to explain a few things to some Obama thugs that visit this blog and try to intimidate me and thousands of other patriots, that would like to get to the bottom of this massive fraud.
Social security numbers of the deceased people are a public record. Any citizen of this country can go to the Social security web site and get this info. It is an important record for a number of reasons:
a. it helps to prevent identity theft
b. it helps to prevent voter fraud, as the ss numbers of the dead had to be purged from the databases. For example HAVA has demanded that the state of NJ not hold any National elections until they purge from their databases the numbers of the deceased
c. those numbers can be used in connection with other names and addresses in connection with campaign contributions fraud.
All of this needs to be investigated and reported to the authorities. I have written to Bob Stevens, that does technical support of this blog to remove anonymous option from this blog. If people have something to say, they should use their name.Letter from a reader is below.

Monday, January 12, 2009 9:53 PM
From: "Jeanette D" View contact details To: "Orly Taitz" World Family Tree CD Social Security death Index 1937-1995 Dunham, Stanley [Mother] so at some point she changed her name back to Dunham..birth date 29 Nov 1942Death date 7 Nov 1995 Last known zip 96826-- Honolulu, Hawaii SS #; 535-40-8522 SS # ; issued in state of Washington ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~other Dunham, Stanley listed on same CD [one may be her father] Dunham, Stanley-- b. 25 Dec 1908, Issued -- LA, d. Jul 1971 SS# 436-10-5854Dunham, Stanley-- b. 15 Jan 1908, Issued -- PA, d.Apr 1966; SS# 187-01-2370Dunham, Stanley-- b. 25 Jun 1912, Issued -- NY, d. Apr 1968; SS# 081-16-6408Dunham, Stanley-- b. 3 Jan 1915, Issued -- SC, d. Dec 1975; SS# 248-34-2885Dunham, Stanley-- b. 7 Dec 1923, Issued -- OH, d. 21 Dec 1989; SS# 298-26-7954 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~