Friday, January 16, 2009

Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Hi Orly,

The following is a letter to the Joint Chiefs written and sent to them by a good friend of mine. He gave permission for you to post it but asked me to hide his identity.


Here is the text of the letter:

Please distribute to the Joint Chiefs for consideration.

Each of you took an oath before God and Country to serve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United
States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I submit that you have not honored this commitment.

There is not one elected federal official who is in compliance with the 10th Amendment. As such, we the people,
are driven further and further into debt to pay for their schemes to use public resources for buying votes from
those sufficiently corrupt to sell them. They are law breakers all, regardless of party affiliation. Like you, they also
took oaths and now, we have a Communist headed for the White House. He also is a law breaker as is his vice
president. All are, at the very least, guilty of felony perjury and, at the most conspiracy and/or treason against the
United States and our Constitution.

Obama seeks to create a civilian military to rival the existing one. The last time such an organization was created, it
was called the Gestapo.

On the day after the elections, millions of citizens were at gun stores arming up. This was the greatest sale of
weapons and ammo in the history of the country. Commentator Glenn Beck said, this is 1860 (ie: eve of the civil
war). These words have been spoken by others and everyone out here buying weapons knows it. The real
question is, 'will you be fighting for the American people or against us?'. Posse Comitatus prevents the use of the
military against the population. However, as the Constitution is already near death - it hard to expect there will be
any pretense at the rule of law when those charged with its safe keeping are, themselves, the law breakers.
If you are to be true to your oaths, it falls to you to arrest and incarcerate every elected federal official and to
establish circumstances that allow for the restoration of the Constitutional government that allowed us to be the
greatest nation this planet has ever seen. If you fail in this, the force and weight of history will run its course with
chaos not far behind.

Rxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx