Friday, January 16, 2009

from, more info, we are getting closer

A reader Linda sent me this, it shows Obama being born in Somerville, MA.
If you recall in the database, I've posted a few days ago, that came from Lexis-Nexis- Choice Point- Reed Elsevier, the social security number linked to Obama was issued in CT and the address was in Sommerville, MA. One database shows age as 118 y.o. We know BO never lived in CT. So, there are two options:
1. port of entry of Ann Dunham(by what ever name she used Stanley Ann D. Obama or Anna Toot or god knows what)
was in MA in 1961.
2. BO got a fraudulent SS number: a number of a deceased person, that lived in CT or a completely made up number
BO's aunt Zetunia, who is in this country illegally, lived in MA too and was practically stealing from us, by using our tax dollars to pay for her public housing. How did she get this public housing? You need to fill out forms and put down the social security number in order to get public housing. Who supplied her with that number? Similarly, I saw that Ann Dunham that was born in
KS got her ss in WA and the signature on Ann Dunham's application for the ss and the signature on the actual card were completely different. Her ss number was linked in the database to the name and address of Phillis Albrektson (Phillis stated that it is a wrong number). So what does is mean? Is there somebody with an access to databases of ss administration or passport agencies or DMV or other governmental agency of MA, WA and possibly CT, that comes up with these fraudulent numbers?
Keep in mind Ann Dunham and Madelyn Dunham worked with loans. You need to put down your social on your loan applications. Madelyn Dunham volunteered in probate department of the Oahu Circuit Court House (how sweet and noble). You can get all the vital statistics of the deceased from the probate court, if you are a volunteer there.
Lastly, an article in Hawaiian newspaper, I believe HI observer, stated that Obama's mother was Shirley Ann Dunham (not Stanley). A database search showed a co in Belleview Wa- under Dunham organization. Descriptions showed this firm dealing with real estate loans, auto loans, attorneys. Recent search showed an address in Seattle Wa.
I believe this is much bigger then Dunham- Obama. I've posted info that the the data base used by attorneys and PIs had some 80 fraudulent units on Obama and Dunham. I call them "dead soul units". Typically such units will have one or two correct components and one or two fraudulent components. If it was one occurrence like that I would say it is a typo. But when you see numerous dead soul units, you know there is a concerted effort to create such a database. I will clarify this further in a future article.

Please forward all this info to all the law enforcement on the right side of this blog.

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