Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you

I wanted to thank for all the help in research and logistical help the following people: David Hagen, Lisa Ostella, Bob Stevens, jbjd, Leo Donofrio, Cort Wrotnowski, Teresa Cao, Joe Armour, Neil Sankey, Fred, Steve Marquis, Suzanne Pedro, Jerry Reese, Dinko, Elliott, Mike, Richard, Eugene, David Archbold, Sarah R., Sarah B., Linda S, Neil, Linda M.,Carol Huggenberg, Carol Greenberg, Carolyn, Chris S., Jim H., Joel Let me know, if I missed somebody, e-mail
I wanted to thank for generous donations Pamela Barnett, Evelyn Bradley, HHB,Mr. Kerchner, Mr. Bass, Mr. Sheldon, Mr. Gibson, Dr. Cruse, Ms. Morris, Ms. Borden,Ms. Stevens, Mr. Winthrope, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Davies,Ms. Stegall. (I am missing a name on one more donation for $100 from Dr. and Mrs.?? from Carolina, let me know the name)
I also appreciate donations from Ms Huggenberg, Mr. Blair, Mr. Lahr, Mr. Breen,Ms. Dewell, Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Eckensley, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Sandin, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Cundiff, Ms. Generaux, Ms. Schlegel, Ms. Bertolini, Ms. McFarland, Ms. Cottle, Ms. Revell, Mr. Danielson, Ms. Lynch, Ms. Gotto, Ms. Kulig, Mr. Pendery, Mr. Haas, Mr. Ward, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Swartz, Ms. Boykin, Ms. Crespo, Ms. Sarich, Mr. Danielson, Mr. Powner. (I am missing a name on one more donation for $25, let me know the name)