Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interesting letter about a college professor

Dear Dr. Taitz, Thank you so much for all the work you have been doing. It is a difficult challenge but I hope some day the real truth will be known. My two high school children had their first chat with their online AP Government professor last night. He welcomed everyone and stated he was a "hard core liberal" and was open to any questions and free discussions. My daughter asked him" how do you, or the constitution define a natural born citizen?" He replied that both parents must be a US citizen and the child be born in the US. She then said, " Barack Obamas father was from Kenya and not a US citizen, how can he be eligible?" My son asked about the report of his Kenyan birth, stated by his own grandmother, the ambassador, and the hospital in Kenya that has a plaque in his honor for being born there. He immediately stated that CRAZIES have been spreading this rumor, it had been proved false by the Supreme Court, all challenges have been thrown out etc. My son pointed out that your case and others are pending and he said it was garbage and will not be heard! He then asked if anyone in the class was in agreement that Sarah Palin and the republican party were only concerned about clothing. I could not believe it. The other kids responded that they thought that was stupid and the media was against her, then the professor stated we would discuss all of this "at a later time" My daughter asked if he would be willing to at least look at some information regarding this most important subject that she does believe he is not eligible to become POTUS. Surprisingly he said yes and she could share it with the rest of the students but she had to email it to him and not post it in the chat at this time. hmmm..... What is the one or two best pieces of information that I can provide to this man? I am sure he will not read it but my kids want to at least try. They are willing to face the risk of perhaps getting a "bad"grade in the end but they want to make a point that we are not as crazy as he would like to believe! Thank you ,Gena