Monday, January 12, 2009

Correction NY show with Patrick Gibson is at 7:30 ET

There was an error. It is indeed Patrick Gibson, it was additional information to the previous post that stated that I will be on WVOX NY radio. The name of the host is Patrick Gibson. Originally I didn't have time for the interview. When I got the time, I posted it.
In regards to Janet Porter show, it is all over the Midwest, Florida- 11 markets in all. I did the show today and Janet an all the audience were very supportive.
I am supposed to do a show in Chicago tomorrow, at 2:30. I am sorry, I forgot the name of the host of the show. With 30 different shows and all the other things going on, it skipped my mind. If the producer and the host can e-mail me at, I will be happy to post the info on the blog.