Thursday, January 15, 2009

From reader Lauren from Chicago

Dr. Taitz,

Isn't it a total/blatant violation of legal ethics for a judge to meet behind closed doors/ex parte with a *defendant*?

If the SCOTUS wanted to meet with the President-Elect, shouldn't this meeting have been in full view *with* reporters and cameras running live?

Shouldn't formal ethics violation complaints/impeachment proceedings against the SCOTUS judges that participated be initiated immediately?

And given Chief Justice Roberts' prior statements about due diligence regarding Obama's documentation, if he fails to do his own, he has proven that his own statements are worthless.

What I am seeing is that there is *no* reliable oversight of anything in our country (e.g., FDA, SEC, FTC, FEC, ...........).

The SCOTUS was supposed to be part of the checks and balances - instead, they've proven themselves to be no different than Dems/GOP (or Blago).

This next week is going to be scary - too many different crises that could occur alone or in combination.

Lauren Scheffers