Thursday, January 15, 2009

letter from a reader- telling children not to go to school on the 20th and boycott inauguration, schools will miss on federal dollars

boycott inauguration

Thursday, January 15, 2009 8:00 PM
From: redacted e-mail per sender View contact details To: barhfarms@gmail.comCc: chalice@comcast.netI just heard a caller call into PlainsRadio -- he is from this site (but you need to join to view the articles)

At any rate... this caller said there's a teacher that was told if she doesn't show the inauguration in the classroom while it's being broadcasted... that she'll have to face punitive consequences for failure to show the broadcast of the event. The caller wants to get the message out to ALL parents that if their children will be forced to watch the inauguration on election day at their schools... to keep your child home from school on that day.

This led me to another idea to expound on this caller's idea... which is as follows:

Let others know about this too... cause that would be an effective boycott. Especially in California. I know that California public schools get a set amount of money for each child that is in school... they lose money for each absent child. If enough children are absent on that day -- that's a huge monetary loss for the school systems here... and that would send a clear message.

Also -- follow up this boycott action with complaints to the PTA and also put a call into the School Board members for the local districts... this would be a really great effective way to get the message out to a huge population group that aren't aware of the Natural Born Citizenship issue. Make sure you let it be known that you do not want your child to witness a non constitutional qualified candidate to be sworn in to destroy our country. He is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!! I don't have children in school any more... but I have a mind to call anyway and find out if they are doing this and let the PTA and School Board Members know of my disapproval.

This could lead to media attention if enough people light up the school board switchboards and overwhelm them with complaints. Do you think this idea could work and take off?