Saturday, January 17, 2009

Find from KS+ what does that medalion signify

There is a letter from a reader re birth records in KS. There is an article by Nicoloff "Three Stooges go to Washington" The article was circulating all over internet for a while. One thing I was wondering, what does the medalion that Barry Soetoro is wearing, signify? Does anyone know? It looks like a Christmas tree with two brunches on each side pointing down.
Dear Orly,
I don't know who else to give this info to or if it has already been looked into. I think it is interesting though. I found this after reading about Obama's mothers name on your site last night. When you click on the link then scroll down to Dunham and there is a name of Warren Stanely Dunham being born and buried the same day. There couldn't have been that many Dunham's in Wichita back in the 40's.
Dunham Warren Stanley 16 Nov 1943 16 Nov 1943 K 84 W5

I also found this very disturbing article and hope this isn't true and that Obama is just a thug.

Orly, I also want to thank you so very much for your hard work and all that you are doing for our cause. I and many family and friends are so grateful for patriots like you and others.
My family has been in this country since the mid 1600's, they fought and died, they treated (physicians) and worked hard in this country for the freedom and comfort we have today. It makes me sick that in my generation, we could all see this country go literally to the wild dogs.
Kim ShafferMonument, CO