Saturday, January 17, 2009

From reader Mr. Carl Swenssen

Dear Dr. Taitz,

I'd like to thank you for all the hard work you're doing. With Cheif Justice
Roberts entertaining Barry Soetor we've come to another crossroads, have we
not? A blatant conflict of interest! I wish you well and just want to let
you know I've put your latest post and your web Site as a link on
mine... (Links you need to see).
I'm just trying to put as much info out there as people dare read. I have a
gut feeling that the Military might have to stand up and honor their vows to
"Protect and Defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and
Domestic". As it seems, all efforts to have this addressed by SCOTUS are
destined to be swept under the rug with willing accomplisses in the Media.
Ayn Rand had it perfectly written in "Atlas Shrugged". Was she some sort of
prophet or what???
By the way, John Gault tried to get a patent and was summarily dispatched
along with his inventions. I guess that's the only real twist to her story.

God Bless you and fight the good fight,

An admirer,

Carl A. Swensson