Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Class action of 320 million citizens- what can be done? Contact Burris and Blagojevich

I got numerous questions like this one from a reader, Mike.
"Would the question therein (retyped here below) be a SCOTUS issue and worthy of building a case speaking on behalf of the "class of all 330 million citizens" in USA. Afterall, we, The People, own the Whitehouse and employ the POTUS, do we not?"

I was waiting for one thing to happen and be reported in the newspapers, namely for the Democrats in Congress and Senate to be dumb enough to reject Roland Burris and for the Secretary of State of Ilinois, Jessy White, to be dumb enough to refuse to sign on the appointment of Burris. Truth of the matter is, that indeed there is nothing constitutionally wrong with Burris. White had no legal right to deny the appointment and Congress and Senate Democrats acted in bad faith in denying his confirmation. Why am I talking about it? Because I know of only one instance when citizens of numerous states can go to the Supreme Court under one banner, that is a case when a Governor of the state is a plaintiff. You may not like the messenger, I know, but that is a sure way to deliver the message. Can someone from the State of Illinois contact Burris and Blagojevich? There are several steps that need to be taken. I need to talk to both of them ASAP, today. God works in mysterious ways...