Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reference libraries- tool for searches

Dr. Tailz, You've mobilized a number of people to help you both publicly through your Blog & privately.
Are you making use of the Reference Librarians employed in our nations public libraries, to help find answers to the questions and facts being sought?
Would you directly remind the people helping you, that they have freely available, expert, on-call, search assistants, already waiting at their public libraries, that can help?
( Free = Already prepaid with tax dollars) Benefits :
Answers found, & possibly new interesting discoveries made, by searches of people served by their already in place, tax paid, public professionals.
Places and means to search, information found faster, easier, & new discoveries made, that wouldn't be unearthed working alone, using just the major search engines, in normal, cursory fashion.

The reference librarian's Profession is all about helping the people & teaching them how to find & search resources to discover information and answer their questions.

They are specially educated with degrees in library science, trained in finding obscure(d) information, and working in our libraries. Sadly few people remember they to make use of them, especially since the advent of the basic internet search engines.

Only a small fraction of the Internet is available via Google or any other single search engine.
Data not available on the Internet can also be searched.

The expert assistance is waiting to be used in almost every community. Helpers are there, just for the asking, for searching for answers & related information:
in easily recognizable and obvious places, and also
tucked away in obscure, overlooked or forgotten resources.
Thank you Dr. Orly Tailz for your endeavors to keep the dream alive