Monday, January 5, 2009

Post ob Linda Starr, submitted by a reader Rodney, re. criminal liability

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Hi, Copies these off a short while ago. Interesting concerning the suit with the 60 day seal. written by Linda Starr, January 05, 2009

PS: if he showed that so called legal document to run for the Illinois State or US Senate, then he has some explaining to do, since it was allegedly not printed until June 7, 2007. So, he clearly never proved his citizenship to run for the Illinois State , or US Senate either.

Touché'! And let me just tell you, if he can't prove he was a US citizen when he was the Illinois State Senator, or the Us Senator, he can go to jail and pay huge fines and damages. Quo Tam fits the description of Phil's action that has been under seal. And in that suit, it isn't up to Phil to prove he wasn't fraudulently collecting money from the government taxpayers for a seat he wasn't eligible to hold. He has to prove he WAS ELIGIBLE to stay out of jail. Checkmate! Your boy is going to jail if he refuses to prove he was eligible to serve.

PS that is the importance of this secret suit.
written by Linda Starr, January 05, 2009

Barry goes to jail if he can't prove he was eligible. It's fraud. He is between a rock and a hard place. it isn't just repaying his pay checks all these years, and for expenses, etc. He isn't entitled to anything if he wasn't eligible. Those numbers go up really fast when you start adding in expense account write-offs. And if he wasn't eligible to serve, then all those expenses he claimed for holding the office are null and void. That means he's got bigger problems than you have any idea. He fraudulently and falsely claimed the profit on the purchase of his home as a Capitol Gains instead of as income, which is at a MUCH higher rate and then we have the penalties and interest on filing fraudulent and false income tax returns, not to mention filing fraudulent expenses.
Can we say "Oops!"?

written by Linda Starr, January 05, 2009

Because his mother registered his foreign birth in Hawaii to give him US citizenship, either not knowing she was too young to confer citizenship, or having lied about it - it is still fruit off the poisoned tree. It doesn't make him a citizen if his birth registry was done fraudulently or erroneously.

At any rate, we do know the COLB was forged, so that eliminates his birth in Hawaii . He was a foreign birth registry. The original says he was a foreign birth in Kenya . You'll see.