Monday, January 5, 2009

Record 8622 readers visited our blog yesterday. that's over quarter of a million per month

This blog exists only a little more then a month and it brings over a quarter of a million readers per month. It shows that citizens of this country are hungry for truth, they want real change, they don't embrace fraud and want to clean up corruption in our 3 branches of government, they want free media.
Recently, according to Drudge report, Ann Colter was banned for life from NBC and MSNBC for her criticism of Obama. Please, boycott this network, please write to all the companies that advertise on NBC and MSNBC and let them know that you will not purchase their products and will boycott this network until this atrocity stops, until they drop their garbage kissing up to Obama and start reporting the truth, start allowing free reporters like Ann Colter and me to come and tell the truth to American people.
After all, Chicago Tribune and LA Times recently went into bankruptcy, maybe it is time for NBC and MSNBC do go into bankruptcy as well. The ratings of all the outlets of main streem media are nose diving as it is, lets help them to go down