Thursday, January 8, 2009

a letter from a reader, Carol

Flag this messageThe DNC and the RICO ActWednesday, January 7, 2009 10:51 PM
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Accidentally came upon this act, the RICO Act.

It seems to fit the criminal behavior of the DNC, they are covering up for an illegal alien. fraudulently seeking the Presidency, using their "past good name" to create a trust in an organization who had never before snuck in an immigrant candidate and so then took advantage and betrayed that trust, they brought in money from everywhere around the world, and are using court systems and DNC party members throughout the States and in Congress to cover up their tracks, not providing documentation to citizens when contacting the party for documentation on their candidate, quibbling in courts to protect a simple birth certificate, controlling and manipulating the media, intimidating voters.

The corruption and illegal activities of the DNC really seem to fit this RICO Act. They aided and abetted a common criminal, an illegal immigrant, to hide his past and seek the White House under their cover, in broad daylight.

We the People versus The DNC.