Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bill Burkitt (from Dan Rather-gate)-did he work for Obama campaign?

I got a phone call from a person that is well known, but who wanted to stay anonymous, stating that Mr. Bill Burkitt worked for Obama campaign approximately since Feb of 2008. I need to verify this info.

Who is Bill Burkitt and why is it important? Bill Burkitt is a retired Colonel in National Guard, he worked on several campaigns, however he is also a person that supplied Dan Rather's producer Mary Mapes with a document about somebody pulling the strings and getting Pres Bush out of the active military and into National Guard.(reported during Bush-Carry contest, 2004) Later information came that the document was forged, that it was computer generated and not typed on a typewriter, as it was supposed to be in those years. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were fired. Burkitt was accused of forgery, he stated that he was only the messenger.
I need to know if information about Mr. Burkitt working for Obama Campaign is true, can somebody verify it? As you recall there are several reports from experts, stating that Obama's Short birth certificate computer generated in 2007 and posted on Fight the smears BO site -is forged, as well as his selective service certificate and a number of other documents. A manufactured decision by a VA judge was traced by my volunteers to somebody posting under a name Wild Bill. I am curious if indeed Bill Burkitt worked for Obama campaign, if he is involved or did somebody intentionally hire him as a fall guy, in case all these forgeries blow up in somebody's face? I believe this should be forwarded to Pres Bush. Maybe this would be an additional incentive for him to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the whole Natural Born Citizen issue of BO.