Sunday, January 4, 2009

What happenned on Oct 21-Oct 22?

The Seattle times ran an article showing Charles Payne, Madelyn Payne Dunham's brother dying Oct 22, 2008
I just remembered reading Larry Sinclair's article on Citizen Wells. According to Larry, an employee of the mortuary stated to him that Madelyn Dunham has died on Oct 22. Did anybody see Madelyn Dunham alive after October 22?
If Larry is correct, then both BO's grandmother and great uncle die or disappear from public eye and unavailable for any questioning or subpoena on the same day, October 22. I wonder what happened on that day or a day before? It looks like something happened that spooked this Adams family. What was it? Can anyone remember any newspaper articles, any public statements happening on Oct 21-22?

Are there any reports of his other relatives being seen after the 22nd? His paternal grandmother Sarah Obama? 3 other wifes of BO sr, particularly the other American wife, Ruth Nidesand (Nidersand or Obama) and her 2 sons David and Mark Ndsandjo (Nidesand, Nidersand, Obama)?