Sunday, January 4, 2009

More important info for you to go by, we can get to the bottom of it

Things are moving fast. Apparently Charles Payne gave an interview to the US News reporter Allen G Breed. I don't know when exactly Charles Payne was interviewed, but the article came out on Oct 24. Judging by the article Charles Payne was in good health, 83 year old retired director of University of Chicago library.
I was trying to see, what new info came out in this article.
1. There is a sister of Madelyn Dunham, her name is Margaret Payne (don't know married name), retired professor of statistics, univ. of Chapel Hill, NC, 82 y.o.
2. There is a brother Jack Payne, 71 y.o.
Can anyone find these relatives? Maybe they have more info on BO's birth, whereabouts and addresses, where Madelyn and Stanley A. Dunham lived in Ca, Tx, Ks.
3. Stanley Armor Dunham died in 1992, no probate docs were found so far
4. Stanley Ann Dunham died in 1995, no probate docs were found
5. Madelyn Dunham volunteered as a probate aid in Oahu circuit court
6. She also volunteered as an arbitrator in Juvenile monetary restitution department
Can somebody find this reporter, he should have info on the addresses of Margaret, Jack and Charles. That's a starting point. Maybe he has info on their children and grandchildren